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Stand Alone Power

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True Off-Grid Autonomy

The Ultimate Stand Alone Power System with 100% Renewable energy, clean, safe and requires no fossil fuel back-up

The Heart of the Solution is High Density Energy Storage

The key to successful Stand Alone Power Systems is the ability to store large quantities of Energy to cover periods of low or no renewable energy generation.  The very compact, Solid State Hydrogen Storage enables the storage of over 425kWhrs in the volume equivalent to a small garden shed.  This is enough power to run the average residence for over 20 days with zero solar or wind and of course no diesel.  That is real protection for the off grid user and ensures year round power supply.  The larger MEGA system can power the average residence for over 6 months and is in a single 20 foot container.  

In practice the system shifts excess power from summer to winter and from day to night.  Our SAP system can be modelled for long term certainty around supply and due to the economic nature of the storage, we supply far more stored capacity than other SAP systems.  Therefore the risk of supply outage is negligible and the requirement for diesel removed.  It is important to remember that the conditions that often cause renewable energy vulnerability such as fires, floods and cyclones often also make the delivery of diesel impossible.  With the H2G system you have all you need at your site for year round supply.

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Cutlers Cottage

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Off Grid
Only Commercial Technology Capable of cost effective 100% Renewable Fraction.  Over 425kWh of standby storage, providing over 30 days support in the event of poor weather


Completely Green
Technology is using 100% renewable generation

Cost Advantage
Storage cost is significantly cheaper than Lithium of same capacity and diesel, and has at least 20 year life

Extremely Safe
Low Pressure solid state hydrogen storage that is extremely safe, has been approved for Utility usage and passed all bushfire, operation and customer safety regulations for use in a Utility Network and National Parks. Operates at ambient temperature and low pressure.

MINI Systems

Over 425kWhrs, 25kg H2 

Stand Alone Solar Power System

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Off-grid stand alone

Customer : Knappenhaus

System : HY2 Pilot project

Year : 2018

Location : South Tyrol, Italy

287 kWh

Stored Energy


CO2 Saving

over a lifetime of 20 years


Stored Energy


Nominal Power

The Knappenhaus, at 1,600m above sea level in the northernmost part of South Tyrol, has never been connected to a public grid. Since 2018, our HY2 system has been supplying the house with electricity and heat under challenging weather conditions of up to 1.5m snow and up to -25°C.

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