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Renewable Energy and Safe Storage

The key to achieving a safe secure Energy future

GreenHy2 Complete Energy Solutions

The expertise to deliver 100% renewable energy solutions that remove the need for fossil fuels as back-up by utilising the smartest, safest and most environmentally sustainable Hydrogen Storage Technology in the World from GKN Hydrogen.  Storing Hydrogen as a solid and integrating it into a 100% renewable energy supported systems finally enables the complete confidence to go off-gridSolid State Hydrogen storage systems utilise the very high density of energy to shift power from summer to winter, from day to night and from sunny days to rainy days.  Our designers can model and simulate years of seasonal impacts to ensure your off-grid system never fails.

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Our H2G Solutions using GKN Hydrogen Storage can deliver  100% Green Hydrogen

and are kind to the environment.

-No Noise,

- No Emissions

-No Fossil Fuels

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We only use the safest Hydrogen Storage technology on the market, GKN Technology.


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We only use technology that lasts for decades, has no degradation and is 100% recyclable.

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