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Use Free Solar Power to Charge your Vehicles at Night when you are asleep and the sun is not shinning

Store Excess Daytime Solar and Charge your vehicles at night

Green Hydrogen is the future of E-Car charging because it's the safest on the market.


Take a walk through the Hy2 Mini which charges a car fleet over-night using solar energy converted to hydrogen stored safely in a solid-state until needed.

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Plug-in E-car Charging System

Customer : GKN Sinter Metals Components GmbH

System : HY2MINI Demonstrator

Year : 2021

Location : Bonn, Germany


Stored Energy


CO2 Saving

over a lifetime of 20 years


Stored Energy


Nominal Power

Reduction of CO2 emissions and enable for green mobility: Zero emission e-charging hub for Plug-in hybrid cars – Company cars can be charged during the day or overnight through the HY2MINI demonstrator system with zero emission daylight power from photovoltaic cells

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