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The economics of long term diesel power generation are no match for Solar and Hydrogen Storage

No Future for Diesel

Diesel Replacement is one of the lowest risk applications for our H2G Power Solution.  We will have the data on the existing system for design and we can leave the existing diesel generator connected while the customer establishes confidence in the performance of the system.  The system is easily bench marked against full diesel systems and is, not only more economic, it will also remove risk of diesel supply and generator maintenance, unwanted noise and the uncertainty of the future for diesel as a fuel.

Our H2G Power Solution with Hydrogen Storage, using solar or wind generation, is completely modular.  This significant advantage enables diesel to be phased out and the system can be designed to "match" remaining generator life and capital budgets.  Where there are multiple generators an initial investment can yield diesel cost savings that can fund simple modular expansion of the H2G Power Solution.   

Further modules can be added for additional savings to manage vehicle fleets, site equipment charging, staff accommodation and additional future power requirements as the need arises.

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h2 bubble copy.png

The System is entirely Modular which enables staged diesel replacement funded by fuel cost savings

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