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Innovators  in renewable energy storage

Company Overview

GreenHy2 Pty Ltd, ASX "H2G",  is an Australian Green Hydrogen Public Listed Company, partnered with GKN Hydrogen in Germany, to provide energy solutions incorporating the only Solid-State Hydrogen Storage system (SSHS) commercially available on the market today.  This is the green energy solution that solves the energy storage challenge.  Australia's only commercial Solid State Hydrogen storage enabling 100% renewable power systems with no need for back-up fossil fuels.  Our Proprietary SSHS systems provide the safest and greenest energy storage solution on the market. 


Safe, Clean, 100% recyclable, Silent, 100% Green Hydrogen, Zero Emissions and the only by-product is Pure Water.


The H2G off-grid energy systems are different from other hydrogen storage methods because of the GKN Hydrogen Technology.  It is not only the safest way to store Hydrogen but it's also the densest way of storing Hydrogen Energy.  The stored Energy lasts for decades, if required, and there is no degradation of the storage capacity. 


The H2G Energy Systems are suitable for a diverse range of activities and are currently operating in Utilities, Government Facilities and for Companies transitioning to renewable energy who wish to protect the environment while reducing on-going operating costs.

Our Vision

A world where all humanity can prosper from 100% renewable energy, with GreenHy2 providing the power to succeed with local free power generation and local storage.

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