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HY2 Connect


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A remotely connected system with big data and AI

We have the technology to track, twin and model your system to ensure there's energy whenever and, for as long as, you need it.


 Complete Digital Connectivity

The HY2 System has an advanced digital platform synonymous with the GKN DNA.  It provides big data and AI control and simulation creating the modelling and predictive capacity required by sophisticated customers.  From real time performance data to digital twin capability the system is highly predictable and efficient to operate and maintain.

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The HY2 digital platform includes an intelligent mobile platform for real time data and alerts "on the go".  Everything the operator needs to manage from day to day.

Ideal for optimising performance.

Simulation software models inputs the load and uses Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Machine learning to simulate and predict the future performance.  The ultimate design tool for new installations.

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Performance monitoring

Usage summary

Maintenance Dashboard

Real Time Alert Notification

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h2 bubble copy.png

The data analysis in the Hy2 energy monitoring system from GKN makes it the most intelligent on the market.  Not only do we use sophisticated simulation tools we also use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to verify and optimise our system performance. True digital twin operation is a reality

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