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Leisure in Harmony with Nature

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Providing Sustainable Energy that is truly one with Nature

A True Nature Holiday

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In The Alps - Off Grid Stand Alone

Knappenhaus Off Grid  Operating entirely off Hydro Renewable Electricity and Hydrogen Storage with added Heat Recovery

Customer : Knappenhaus

System : HY2 Pilot project

Year : 2018

Location : South Tyrol, Italy


Stored Energy


CO2 Saving

over a lifetime of 20 years

287 kWh

Stored Energy


Nominal Power

The Knappenhaus, at 1,600m above sea level in the northernmost part of South Tyrol, has never been connected to a public grid. Since 2018, our HY2 system has been supplying the house with electricity and heat under challenging weather conditions of up to 1.5m snow and up to -25°C.

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Pristine Alps at 2000 metres

Climbers Hut at 2,000 metres elevation.  Storage was helicoptered into position in four pieces and then commissioned

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