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Silent, Sustainable,
Self Sufficient

Bringing prosperity to remote communities, Island, tourism, farms and eco resorts

Technical challenge of designing a micro-grid to service a luxury resort and organic farm

Arieshof in South Tyrol
The technical objective was to make the entire area as self-sufficient as possible in terms of energy. To achieve this primarily renewable energy sources are being used such as solar and the surplus energy is stored in short and long-term hydrogen storage units. When required, the storage returns the needed energy to power, whenever its  needed.


The Solution

The solution we used for this project is our HY2MEDI System which is a turn-key, decentralized, green hydrogen energy storage system. The electricity generated by a big photovoltaic system and a block heating plant, which is fed with wood chips from the company’s own forest, is stored when surplus energy is available. By using our smart digital control & monitoring systems we manage the power supply and microgrid performance 24/7.

Typical Microgrid Operation

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