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Power to Isolated Communties and islands 

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Standard of Living is Directly Proportional to Power Consumption - Finally a solution for Global Economic Equality 

Providing Power to Remote Communities

There are many communities with limited or no access to electricity or other forms of energy.  This lack of access, particularly in the highly energy intense society in which we now live, directly affects their standard of living.  The greatest impact is to productivity and limited access to the digital resources and telecommunications.  A small H2G energy solution can deliver enough power to provide lighting, computer and telephone support, and household appliances for a remote community.  This level of energy can be used to support education and the ability to sell services directly to a large customer base.

Access to power in this way has a major impact for residents of remote communities and particularly those in the process of education opening up a vast range of opportunities.  Access to global educational resources and a global customer base is transformational for the such communities

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Off Grid
Only Commercial Technology Capable of cost effective 100% Renewable Fraction.  Over 425kWh of standby storage, providing over 30 days support in the event of poor weather


Completely Green
Technology is using 100% renewable generation

Cost Advantage
Storage cost is significantly cheaper than Lithium of same capacity and diesel, and has at least 20 year life

Very low operating cost, power is free from the sun.

Extremely Safe
Low Pressure solid state hydrogen storage that is extremely safe, has been approved for Utility usage and passed all bushfire, operation and customer safety regulations for use in a Utility Network and National Parks. Operates at ambient temperature and low pressure.

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Large Scale Remote Communities in Harmony with Nature

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