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The Biggest Innovation in renewable energy 


Is a solid-state Hydrogen storage system safe to use in residential settings? 

The stored hydrogen pellet is released into a fuel cell, much like a battery, that combines the Hydrogen with Oxygen from the air to produce electricity and pure water. It is the safest way of storing hydrogen on the market.  Find out more...

Can I run an entire holiday resort using Green Hydrogen energy?

Yes, the H2G system would be designed for the particular load and location and often for 100% autonomy and is Green Hydrogen because it has zero emissions.

How do I know what type of stand-alone Hydrogen power system I need for my remote property?

We would design a system for your specific location and estimated load using our simulation and modelling software.

Can I call my resort 'Green' if I use a Solid State Hydrogen Storage?

A system that uses Metal Hydride stored as a solid state, means it produces zero carbon emissions and is therefore Green energy.

How much does Hydrogen Storage cost?

Up-front investment depends on your needs, and can be calculated by GreenHy2,  However, on-going costs are close to zero.

How do I plan a mirco-grid that runs off renewable energy for my island community?

We can design a microgrid that suits your particular location.  This may also include a phase of data collection to ensure the load is thoroughly assessed.

I'm not technical, does it matter?
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The system is remotely monitored and our engineers can provide off-site and on-site support as required. 

Why is Solid State Hydrogen Storage a Game- changer?

Because everyone can easily generate energy from renewable sources, meaning it is now possible for energy to be easily produced in remote parts of the world with no on-going costs.  This means there'll be no  future need for expensive power grids, no need for diesel to be shipped in.  It allows communications to be powered in remote areas.  No need for diesel to be airdropped during floods.  Remote communities will never run out of energy again.

And for companies that are interested in decreasing their cap-ex, the H2G Solid State Hydrogen storage system has next-to no ongoing costs.

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