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GreenHy2 Visits the Director of Energy FIJI

Last week Dr Paul Dalgleish was invited to Fiji, to introduce the GreenyHy2 Advanced Technology Hydrogen Battery to the Director of Energy, Mikaele Belena.

Ellen Whippy-Knight from GreenViti and GreenHy2 organised an event in Suva where GreenHy2 Launched their low operating cost Micro-grid solution to business, NGOs and Government guests.

Ideal to alleviate Fiji's reliance on diesel and Li batteries and a safe way to bring 100% renewable energy to remote communities in hot climates where the Solid State Hydrogen Battery significantly outperforms Li Ion with up to 30 years of life and no loss of capacity.

Recent failures of newly installed Li Ion Batteries by fire, in Fiji and other locations, would be a thing of the past.


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