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Hydrogen Storage

Green, Clean, Safe & 100% Renewable Energy Storage

Australia's only commercial hydrogen storage system enabling 100% renewable power

 with no need for back-up fossil fuel.  Our systems incorporate GKN technology, providing the safest, greenest energy storage solution on the market.


The Game Changer

Solid State Hydrogen Storage using Metal Hydride


The challenge for renewable energy until now has been storage. Stand Alone Power Supplies (SAPs) or disconnected Microgrids have always required back-up power generation using diesel or the need to maintain a connection to the grid.  But now the game has changed.  Our vision for the safe storage of large quantities of energy is now a reality by storing it as Hydrogen in a solid state and not a gas or liquid.  Hydrogen is the greenest fuel on the planet, and we can now store twice as much energy as a solid, per cubic meter than liquid Hydrogen and fifteen times more than Hydrogen stored as a gas at the same pressure!

H2G offers the Australian market a proprietary system storing energy in the form of Hydrogen in a solid state, meaning it's extremely safe. 


The advantage of using our energy storage system is the ability to store previously wasted renewable energy from periods of excess to times when it's needed. For example, from summer to winter, from day to night or from windy periods to times of calm. 


We deliver the ultimate, safe solution, enabling the storage of energy for decades with no battery degradation over time with zero emissions and little in the way of ongoing maintenance costs.


Solid State Hydrogen Storage (SSHS) has already been approved for Utility usage in Australia and has passed bushfire, operation and customer safety regulations allowing Utilities to cut operation costs, reduce fire risk and improve reliability for remote customers.

The Future is Here



All-in-one solution for zero-emission power supply.


Solid-state hydrogen storage provides safety through design.


15x smaller size than 40bar hydrogen gas tanks.


No Compression Required

The process flow is ideally matched to electrolysers and fuel cells and does not need an expensive compressor and associated high operating cost


100% recyclable

The standard metals we are using are 100% recyclable. Our system generates no wastes during operation. The only side product from the process is pure water.

15 years+ lifetime

Our systems save about 150 tons CO₂ over their lifetimes.

(Estimated 4x storage turnover / year for a 120kg H2 sized HY2MEDI system​)

Low pressure

The low-temperature metal hydride storage system operates at the same pressure level as electrolysis and fuel cells.

No Capacity Loss

The metal hydrides can last for decades without any losses. (99% capacity after 3,500 cycles vs. 70% after 2000 cycles with Li batteries)


The opportunities for environmentally sustainable energy eliminating the need for diesel and connection to the grid are endless....

H2G design and deliver solutions for Standalone Power Supplies, Micro-grids, Eco Tourism, Remote Communities, Car Depots for e-car charging, Hydrogen Storage for Chemical Process Plants, Hydrogen Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Zero Emission Communities


H2G possesses the technology to create zero emission communities anywhere in our vast country and islands.  This brings silent, unintrusive power and therefore prosperity to regional and previously disadvantaged communities.  Australia's abundance in natural renewable energy makes this market particularly exciting.

GKN's Hy2 Connect 

Digital Energy Monitoring Platform


Once your Hy2 Energy Storage System has been installed we use the most intelligent energy monitoring system on the market.  The Hy2 technology 'twins' your unique system using predictive modeling to ensure you have energy whenever you need it and for as long as you need it.

Performance monitoring

Usage summary

Maintenance Dashboard

Real Time Alert Notification

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